Mortgage Brokers are Better!  Why you ask?  Because we use a variety of different wholesale lenders who have a variety of programs.  If one lender requires higher credit scores there is another one that will take lower credit scores.  There are some that will make exceptions to guidelines and others that will add additional guidelines.  We can do Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, VA, Home Equity Lines of Credit, Reverse Mortgages, Portfolio Loans, Bank Statement Loans, Blanket Mortgage, Investment and Commercial, and we even have private lenders, and more.  I have a vast resource of lenders at my fingertips.  If your not yet ready to get a loan then we will make a plan and set you on a course to make your dream come true.  Simply give me a call, send me a text to 941-504-1445 or email me and let's see what fits your needs best.