Greetings, and thank you for visiting my website.  My goal is to provide you with superior customer service throughout the entire loan process.  Part of that process depends on your assistance in providing me with critical information.  This will make this a smooth and efficient loan process for everyone.  This is a generic list of documentation needed for a loan application, so if you have any questions about anything, please feel free to call or email me anytime – it will save both of us lots of time.  If something does not pertain to you, then please skip that item.  Thank you! 
Sherry Bitner, 941-504-1445 or

STEP #1 - Documentation needed for a Pre-Approval of a loan:

____      Copies of most recent pay stubs covering the most recent 30-day period.  (Make sure you have year to date income on the pay stubs please.)  If not, contact your employer for a Year to Date printout on stationery and have them sign and date it.

____      Copies of W-2s and 1099's and a complete copy or your personal Tax Returns for the last 2 years (please sign)

____      Tax Returns (for any corporation or partnership) for past 2 years, ALL schedules including K-1's, all pages (please sign). 

____      If self-employed, please print a Profit & Loss and a Balance Sheet for the current year, sign, and date it. for each company you own.

____      Business License covering the most recent full 24 months (if self-employed).

____      CPA Letter stating you have been self-employed for two years or more (if self-employed).

____      Copies of last 2 month’s bank statements (all checking and savings accounts) all pages, front and back.

____      Copies of most recent statements for all investment accounts (stocks, bonds, 401k, mutual funds), all pages, front and back.

____      Copy of Driver’s license or government issued ID for each applicant.  Please enlarge the copy 150% and color copy as a "photo" for clarity on license, or scan and email or upload to your account on our website.  We need to be able to read the dates issued and expiration date.

____      Copy of a secondary form of ID for each applicant (social security card, or passport).

____      Name, address and telephone number of Landlord for verification of rent, if you rent.

____      12 months cancelled rent checks  if you rent.

____      Copy of your DD-214 from the VA, if you are a Veteran.

____      Complete Copy of signed Divorce Decree and Separation Agreement, including all pages. 

____      Bankruptcy Discharge Papers and a complete copy of all original documents filed with the court.

____      Copy of Social Security Awards Letter – if you receive Social Security or Disability.

____      Copy of Permanent Resident Alien Card, Visa, or Work Permit – if you are not a US Citizen.

____      Copy of recent mortgage statement, tax bill, and Home Owners Insurance “declaration page”, and leases, for ALL properties owned.

____      Proof of any paid collections, judgments, or liens, if any.

____      Letter of explanation for collections, judgments, liens or any late payments on mortgages, installment, and credit cards.

STEP #2 - For Purchase Loans (If you have any of these at this time)

____      Copy of fully executed Sales Contract for purchase.

____      Copy of listing agreement and/or contract if selling currently owned home.

____      Closing Statement for recently sold property and copy of bank statement showing funds deposited into the account.

____      Copy of Cancelled Earnest Money Deposit Check at time the contract was written.

____      Gifts must come from a family member.  Please make a copy of gift check, copy of cancelled check, copy of deposit slip showing it deposited.  If gift paid by cashier’s check or money order, we need copy of bank statement showing the funds were available in donor bank account.

____      Name of Home Owner’s Insurance Agent you will be using (we can recommend some to you).

STEP #3 - For Refinance Loans

____      Copy of current mortgage statement(s).

____      Copy of Survey (except condominium).
____      Copy of previous Title Insurance Policy (from original purchase, so you may receive a discount on insurance).

____      Copy of Homeowner’s Insurance Declaration Page.

____      Copy of Property Tax Bill

____      Copy of the Recorded Deed